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MoreSpace folding storage containers are a lightweight, mobile and secure solution to the storage problem. Thanks to our product, you can increase the space available for storing goods, equipment or documents depending on your needs.

Current market characteristics require simple and quick solutions. Today’s entrepreneurs, individual clients operate in a very dynamic environment and require tools that adapt to their needs without exposing them to high storage costs.

Our containers include the following elements:

Cornersdesigned with the highest precision, were made of 3 mm sheet metal, subjected to hot-dip galvanizing. Containers are safe to transport thanks to the pins that allows their stacking

The roller blindhas been specially designed for the needs of fast, non-support opening / closing. Our roller protects access to the container. Our offer also includes a roller blind

Snap buckle and handle  – adapted for easy opening and closing of the container, have double padlocks, thanks to which we can easily secure the goods inside.

Floor – our floors are durable, safe, have been impregnated to obtain the highest durability. Mounted with a tongue and groove method

Floor profilescontainers have been designed so as to obtain their lowest weight, thanks to the use of special profiles, we can easily transport a container with a forklift, and the wooden floor is not exposed to any damage.