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MoreSpace assembly – provides complete solutions, therefore we offer transport services and container assembly at the location indicated by the customer in any location in the European Union.

For the assembly of our containers, a crew of 4 is required at the container site and a forklift to unload and place the container at the indicated location.

Transport – We have designed MoreSpace containers for transport both within the plot and over long distances. We group individual items into sets that allow for the transport of complex containers in large quantities. The containers are adapted to be transported using a forklift or HDS crane.

Design and construction works we offer earthworks, leveling of the area along with pouring stone and its fence. To fully secure your Selfstorage warehouse, we also offer assembly of gates and alarm systems.

Financingwe work with Polish leasing companies and banks to develop the best financing option for our products.

Software – Morespace provides container rental management software.