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Our product is used by both stationary industries such as wholesalers, e-commerce, construction teams or individuals as well as industries that need mobile, temporary and scalable storage solutions such as events, concerts, festivals, as well as constructions, projects and investments far from cities. Thanks to our solutions, you can safely store what is valuable to you in any place and in any quantity.

Supported by many years of experience in the transport of goods, we have designed MoreSpace containers setting goals for safety, mobility and durability, delivering a product with the lowest market price.

MoreSpace meets the expectations of customers in many industries. Where low cost scalability of warehouse space is required, it works best.

In addition, our products are also used in other industries, such as:

  • Self Storage
  • Construction
  • Festivals and other mass events
  • Agriculture
  • Temporary warehouses
  • Tire magazines for car dealers
  • E-commerce